Free-Flow Writing: Find a Vision to Follow

So many things in business can be systematized, borrowed, and learned. Like accounting processes, positional responsibilities, etc. there are industry standards for all types of things. It seems the one thing there’s not in-depth case studies on is vision. What drives a company looks like it has to be created by each company. And maybe that’s the right thing.

Maybe visions have to be unique for a company to stand out and impact change. But it’s a difficult place to find oneself to have no concrete examples of how to phrase a vision to lead by. Maybe there’s a vision deep down that is difficult to express or put into words? Perhaps there are similar visions out there that, if found, will inspire a spin-off. Maybe some leaders don’t want to have the best companies but could lead theirs using a vision from a more significant business. Perhaps a vision could be systematized and adopted by a company?

Find a vision to follow... who inspires me? Who can I follow, and by following the vision, inspire my followers to do the same? It takes followers to bring a vision to life. Visionaries need followers as much as followers need a vision.

The above was free-flow writing from my journal after reading Together is Better by Simon Sinek.

Braden Keith