A personal blog sucks, I made it better

I haven't had a personal blog for many years. I mainly focus my writing on our Romega Digital blog and internal inspirational memos to my team.

I finally figured out how to bring all my writing together. I don't need a new platform - I need to connect my platforms. Now, anytime I'm mentioned in the news, or I write a publication somewhere else on the web, it can sync back here.

I will write up some in-depth looks at the exciting tools I've used to build this site. I didn't focus much on the design, or I would have never launched, but there are some neat easter eggs.

  1. I'm using Tailwind UI for some quick component creation.
  2. I've added some styling for Markdown support (one of the posts coming later)
  3. Dark Mode abounds - Set your preference to dark mode and enjoy!
  4. I am using several Livewire components and am utilizing Turbolinks - so speedy
  5. I've deployed the site on Laravel Vapor using Github Actions
  6. I manage all the data in Laravel Nova
  7. This system automatically pings my Romega Digital blog to see if I write any articles and will import them here. We're about to launch a new Romega Software blog, and it'll do the same for those posts - very cool and easy to do (also a future blog post).

Braden Keith