A Father's Role in BLM

I think where I've been faltering is to think of a political response to everything that has been happening. There are so many thoughts swirling around about that. A lot of people have opinions.

I realized this morning that I need to look more so to the Biblical response to everything going on. The internet is so good at distracting me from sound logic.

I also hate complaining. I very much want solutions. And I feel solutionless because the issues at hand seem systemic from a failed generation with the wrong ideologies.

Where my brain and heart have gone is to my role as a father. You don't just pass down your genes and doctrines to your children. You also pass down your prejudices.

Wherever my heart is wrong, I will be praying through that. I will be leaning on what my Christ has called me to be - and that is a lover of all my brothers and sisters. I will be working hard to teach my child that they are not greater than or less than anyone. We are all equally sinful and flawed, and the color of our skin changes that none. We need grace for each other and the love of Christ.

I want to teach my kids about cultures that aren't their own. Teach them about people who don't speak or look like them. Help them understand the world so that they can comfortably go out in whatever culture they're lead to and understand injustice and have a voice of love and compassion to those that need it.

My friend, Matt Stauffer, is part of a mixed race family so I turned to him for some suggestions on how I could start introducing some reading materials to my child that has Black protagonists. He curated this list for all.

Braden Keith